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Västäräkki Heiluhäntä

I’ll love you for a thousand more.


MAKE ME CHOOSE | asked: Darth Vader or is Anakin Skywalker.

Star Trek Into Darkness + cinematography


Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

"Beautiful things don’t ask for attention"

Sean O’Connell, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (via nice-to-sea-you)


'Embankment' - London, England

By Single Step Photography

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It’s 2014 and all I can think about is “Wow I’m gonna need a bigger bookshelf.”

  • Me: I'll only read for another 10 minutes.....
  • *1 hour later*
  • Me: ....oops.

Harry Potter cast for Empire


If you don’t use an empty house to sing obnoxiously and off key in your underwear you are doing life wrong

- Because birds are created to fly.

Hi! I’m Wagtail, a young woman who lives in Finland. This is my inspiration blog; just came here to reblog things I like. I’m interested of Victorian century fashion, history, literature, comics, movies, beautiful music, cosplay, LotR, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, My Little Ponies…etc.

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